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Jonathan Dombrosky

Zooarchaeology | Environmental Archaeology | Human Ecology | North American Prehistory


Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions
Postdoctoral Scholar
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Archaeology
University of New Mexico

I am an archaeologist who is broadly interested in human-environment interactions from the past to the present across the globe. I focus on North American prehistory, specialize in the zooarchaeology of the U.S. Southwest, and use principles of data science in my research.

I recently completed my Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico and started a postdoc at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. My dissertation work—funded by a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award—focused on Ancestral Pueblo fishing strategies in the Middle Rio Grande region of New Mexico during the late pre-Hispanic period. I have wide-ranging interests in human behavioral ecology, stable isotope ecology, 3D geometric morphometrics, radiocarbon chronology building, and conservation biology. Check out the projects page to see my past, current, and future work.

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